Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Decks

The united states’s best-selling deck book—better than at any time


In this revised and expanded fourth edition of the all-time bestselling book on decks, house owners find out, in unsurpassed detail, the approach of developing, constructing, and sustaining a deck. Not only are all the traditional deck-constructing methods included, but the book also shows how to include the latest up to date choices, this kind of as how to operate with eco-pleasant wood and reclaimed plastic. Hiring a contractor to construct a deck easily adds up to tens of thousands of dollars, but with the assist of this book, visitors can design and create the deck they want with out the high value.


For house owners who already have a deck but are in the market place to update or sustain that deck, The Full Guidebook to Decks attributes critical projects for repairs, upgrades, and significant additions, this kind of as adding total electrical support, lighting, and kitchen area appliances. From style to construction, and equipment, materials, and arranging, this is the only guide consumers want to create the deck of their dreams.

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