DIY Home Repairs : How to Use a Table Saw

When operating a table saw, adjust the height of a table saw before turning on the power. Discover how to use a table saw withtips from an experienced handyman in this free video on do-it-yourself home repairs. Expert: James Drew Contact: Bio: James Drew is the owner and president of JNC Home Repair in Austin, TX. Drew is also an HVAC certified tech with more than two decades experience in plumbing, masonry, and carpentry. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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Homebuilt 3 axis CNC router. This is a fully enclosed design that fits on a workbench. The cutting area is about 16″ x 16″ x 5.5″. X and Y axis are belt drive to achieve high cutting speeds. The cost to build this was less than 0 (not counting the electronics or the router) and requires no special tools to build. No welding, no machining, just basic woodworking skills. It uses a laminate trimmer as the spindle. All linear motion bearings are micro-adjustable so it can be adjusted to a high level of accuracy. The machine is set up with a Xylotex drive board and their 276 oz/in stepper motors. Plans and very detailed build instructions for the machine are available for sale on Ebay. The plans are in a 140 page manual that also includes general information about CNC and CAD/CAM, and even includes a section about machine design if you are interested in building something different than this. Search for my user id: momus_design
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