Homemade CNC Router – Neo7cnc.com – My First DOH!!

This is what happens when you (1) cut to deep (2) cut at max speed (3) use the wrong type cutter (4) not tighten the bit enough

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!! twitter.com Sooooo, I couldn’t decide to stain the veneer either blue or green, so I decided to be unique and do both. Although this isn’t really the traditional “dragonburst” (which is actually green and yellow/natural), it really fits the dragon inlay on the neck. After clearcoating the guitar (Part 14), the green changes and looks almost like light blue in the pictures and the blueburst turns deeper, but the green is still there and I like how it turns out. At first, I was quite skeptical about how it would turn out, but it actually resulted in something better than I expected. Here’s the video from where I learned how to make a color burst transition using water-based stains: www.finewoodworking.com Music: Not the Outlaw by Adastra Received permission to use material OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE: www.myspace.com OFFICIAL YOUTUBE PAGE: www.youtube.com
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