How To Build A Coffee Table – Coffee table building

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

An excellent woodworking project presented by Lowe’s Woodworkers Shop Class host, Keith Flippen.

In Part 1, Keith demonstrates how to build the coffee table top with pine wood. There are two steps to creating the top: the center section and the outer frame assembly.

To build the center section, cut slats to length with a miter saw. Then, add pocket holes with a pocket hole jig. Attach the narrow slats first by applying glue and then by adding pocket hole screws. Next, attach wider slats to the narrow ones with glue and pocket holes screws.

To build the outer frame assembly, cut the edging and cleats to length, making sure to cut the edging to 45 degrees on each end (as you will be attaching them in a square). Then, add glue to the edging and attach with nails. Position the cleats so they are flush with the edging, connecting them with nails.

Lastly, test fit the center section in the edging. If they fit, attach with glue and brads.

All 4 parts are presented here for your convenience.

If you want to try your hand at building another coffee table, we have included the plans for another type below.

Have fun and safety first.