Information On Wood Floor Sanding

Planning on sanding that old wood floor you found under the carpet? Here’s some info that can help you.

How to sand and refinish a hardwood floor with a belt or drum floor sanding machine.
How much is too much paint spill prior to dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing?
Going to be getting my hardwood floors sanded and refinished next week. We have painted all the walls and moldings for the rooms being refinished. We heard that paint spill was ok prior to floor sanding and refinishing but now that I look at the floors, we may have gone a little overboard with the spilling and dripping. Is there such a thing as too much spillage. We are getting dustless refinishing and don’t want to incur any extra problems or costs.

Best answer:
It pays to be neat in everything you do. in this case, you’ll pay extra to the refinishers.

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TUTORIAL How to refinish hardwood floors video. The sanding machines, abrasives and know how, explaining how to sand and finish your hardwood flooring. Dublin Ireland

Dustless floor sanding is a process through which the wooden floors can be sanded without any dust. There are many companies that provide these services at a reasonable price. Moreover, there are many benefits of using this method over the traditional method of sanding.


Sanding is a technique through which you can maintain your wooden floors for a longer duration. Sanding and polishing enhances the look of your wooden floors and makes them shine like new floors. Dustless floor sanding makes use of dust

containment system. As this method of sanding is dust free, it prevents your place from getting messy. You don’t have to worry about dust getting into the nooks and corners of your home or office.

Health and convenience

Dustless Floor Sanding is highly recommended for those who have respiratory problems like asthma. The dust caused by traditional method of sanding can be hazardous for people suffering from allergies too. As there is no dust, you don’t have to worry about lifting your stuff such as books, electronics, or artwork from the room. No matter how much you try the traditional method of sanding causes dust to get into the edges of room corners. It is a challenge to get this dust off those places. With dust free sanding services, you don’t even have to worry about that.

Better finish

Dustless Floor Sanding gives a better finish at the end. The dust containment system used in dust free floor sanding removes the dust as the sanding process goes on. This allows the sander to view the floor and get a better idea about how the work is going on. Any area that needs more attention can be tackled more carefully. In case of dustless sanding, there is no need to remove the dust. You can straight away start with staining and finishing procedure. This method of sanding your floors also takes less time and energy.