Milwaukee 48-59-2818 Lithium-Ion and NiCad Slide Style 1-Hour Battery Charger with

Milwaukee 48-59-2818 One-Hour Battery Charger

Milwaukee 48-59-2818

Milwaukee 48-59-2818


The Milwaukee 18-to-28-Volt Universal Battery Charger costs equally Li-Ion and Ni-Cad batteries from eighteen-to-28-volts. This universal charger can make the transition from Ni-Cad to newer Li-Ion batteries seamless by offering single charger simplicity. The charger will charge Li-ion batteries in 1-hour and Ni-Cad batteries in 40-minutes. Ni-Cad packs will cost 20-minutes quicker on this charger than the existing Milwaukee Ni-Cad-only chargers. The charger also attributes a top rated-off conditioning mode that instantly conditions eighteen-volt Ni-Cad battery cells for prolonged battery lifestyle. Computerized temperature monitoring constantly monitors the battery’s temperature and deliverers the proper present for that temperature. Progressive charge indication battery LEDs light up incrementally as the battery is charged. This feature offers a fast indication of remaining charge time or if the pack is charged sufficient for the task at hand. A pass-by way of plug conserves important outlet space and rubberized ft retains the charger in put.

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AmazonMilwaukee 48-59-2818 18-Volt to 28-Volt Lithium-Ion and NiCad Slide Style 1-Hour Battery Charger

The Milwaukee 18-to-28-Volt Universal Battery Charger charges both Li-Ion and Ni-Cad batteries from 18-to-28-volts. This universal charger makes the

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CPO CommerceMilwaukee 48-59-2819 28V Charger

Milwaukee 48-59-2819 28V Charger


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