Mortar Repair Tips

Do you have cracked mortar on your foundation or in between bricks? Here’s some helpful information to help you repair these common home issues.

Cosmetic, non-structural repairs can be made to deteriorated mortar joints using QUIKRETE Mortar Repair.
Glass blocks (more specifically the mortar) are leaking? Any suggestions on how to repair?
I have a 2 story glass block window. It has started to leak when the rain comes in from the side. Any suggestions on how to repair the mortar and make it “Waterproof” again? thanks

Best answer:

I would find the leak and use a type of caulking that looks like mortar. I have never repaired glass block but have used this with some success to repair brick veneer. Here is a link to the product I used for that.

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Go to your Home Supply store and get a tube of Mortar Caulk, most are water proof. Here’s how to caulk better then the pros, Cut the tip at an angle and put your finger at the tip and the apply the caulk holding the tip and your finger in the job, press out just enough to fill the gap and let your finger do the smoothing all in one sweeping motion. you will get the hang of it, and you have one up on the other guys, It works around windows and doors, bath tub and sinks too!

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This video shows you how to remove damaged mortar and apply new mortar to joints. Sakrete Type S High Strength Mortar/Stucco Mix is suited for replacing existing mortar joints in brick or block walls.

If you have an older home or have had recent settlement in your homes foundation, you are probably a candidate for tuckpointing.

What is tuck-pointing you ask? Good question.

Tuck-pointing is the process of filling in missing, cracked or deteriorated mortar joints in masonry walls. In this process the installer removes the damaged mortar if necessary, then installs fresh pointing mortar into the open mortar joint by ‘tucking’ or pushing it into the damaged joint with a ‘tuckpointer’ or a ‘pointing tool’. He will also color blend the new pointing mortar to match the existing mortar color as close as possible. Once the mortar has been ‘tucked’ into place, the installer will use several different tools to ‘tool’ or finish the fresh pointing mortar so that the joint finish matches the existing mortar joint finish.

Sound tedious doesn’t it?

Well it is and though the average homeowner can get mortar from a DYI center and push it into a joint, it can and usually results in a sloppy or smeared finish. Though this will close the mortar joint from the elements which is good, the unsightly finish may or may not be acceptable to a homeowner depending on the location and situation.

If you want the joint to ‘disappear’ with the repair, then you may wish to contact and experienced masonry repair professional. You will want to look for someone who is not only an expert but is artistic and able to match and blend colors so that the final mortar color matches the existing. He must also have the knowledge to understand the proper time to ‘tool’ the fresh pointing mortar as well as the proper tooling sequence that makes for a seamless final appearance.

Who would be in need of this service?

If you see cracks in your brick, block or stone you are in need of tuckpointing. Whether you choose to do this repair yourself or hire a professional will be determined by the final results you are looking for.

For a seamless repair that ‘disappears’ we recommend that you contact your masonry repair professional for further evaluation.