New Wood Decks And Repairing Old Ones

How do I Color Wood Filler used on Outdoor Deck and Stained?
I have a 10+ year old deck of 2×6 treated pine, stained with Flood UVF-CW light/clear cedar tint. I stripped it this year to re-stain it, and decided to fill in a few low spots/holes with stain-able outdoor wood filler. Big mistake. After staining, the wood filler stands out like a bright sore thumb – it is significantly lighter than the boards. Any recommendations other than stripping, pulling this stuff out, and going without the repairs? Will it eventually weather?

Best answer:
Most wood fillers need to be stained to the sought after color before application. But that time has gone by so you might give it a very light sanding to take the sealer off, dust it and tint it again with stain or shoe polish, like Kiwi paste polish then after drying lightly rub off some of the gloss and feather on some of the overall sealer. It is better to do it one light layer at a time.

Answer by dusty8940
Try a stain marker. They make them in all sorts of shades.

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Wait……”make repairs to a wood deck with liquid nails?” Yes….you can make “cosmetic repairs” to a wood deck using liquid nails. If you have an older wood deck & you are not ready to tear it down, in some areas, you may be able to make some deck repairs using liquid nails. You never know when liquid nails might come in handy.

Building A New Wood Deck

The very first thing you will need to do would be to get dimensions on the location in which the porch is to be put in. Following that, a variety of types of wood decks should be taken into consideration and then the right one should be decided on. There are many places from which great layouts are available such as do it yourself publications, online as well as the local home improvement center. It might be the best option to choose a pretty simple design, depending on your level of woodworking.

Step # 2

Now that you have selected your design and creating the decks construction plan, the location should be brought down to dirt exactly where the deck is going to be set up. All the sod needs to be taken away and then the area must be leveled. Next the clear and leveled area should be protected by using gardening fabric in order to prevent the grass and weeds from growing back again.

Step # 3

making your own wooden deckAt this point the external framework needs to be built. 2×10 or 2×8 lumber probably will be employed for this specific purpose. The dimensions of every one of the sides need to be 12 foot long. Once the external framework is constructed, all of the footers will have to be placed on the ground. The posts need to be preset to begin with that will make up the four corners on the framework. Concrete and soil should be utilised to make certain your footers continue to be securely set in their particular placement. Pre-built posts should be cosidered to be the very best for the deck however, if they’re not readily available, then simple 4×4 posts have to be used. As soon as the corner footers are in place, additional posts need to be put in. The gap between your posts really should not greater than 4 ft. apart. This will keep your deck strong, even if you have a lot of people for a party or BBQ. Should the footers be even closer, the deck will undoubtedly be stronger.

Step # 4

Once the posts are already set, begin to make the interior framework. The amount of footers you installed is going to determine just how many boards are going to be necessary for building the interior framework. The boards will have to be first connected to the posts inside a north to south direction. The usage of 4 in . anchoring screws is useful for that purpose with the rate of three anchoring screws for every board. To make the work trouble-free, holes need to be drilled in the board and post prior to securing your anchoring screws.

In all of the north-south boards, a notch needs to be cut out with a size of 2 inches wide and 4 inches deep. In the east-west boards, a notch needs to be created that will simply fall in to the notch on the north-south boards. 4-inches screws should be used again to connect the two boards. The interior framework will undoubtedly be completely ready.

Step # 5

At this time, the next phase is to put down the floorboards. For the purpose of 12 ft . floor, 14 or possibly 16 ft . long boards should be chosen. It should be constructed so that the over-hang will be on one side of your decking. Once the complete floor is installed, the excess board (or over -hang) needs to be accurately eliminated. Lastly, ready made steps as well as your railing can be put in with regards to completing your wood deck. The following weekend, you can think about staining a sealing your wood decking with a product like Thompsons water seal. After the expense of the material and the time put in, you will want your deck to provide you with year after year usage.

A little hint: If you have some friends that are handy, a case of beer and soft drinks plus a grill loaded with some BBQ will buy you some cheap labor. Have fun and be safe.