Woodworking Projects – Unique Birch End Table

My next woodworking venture: I constantly wished to do something with burled wooden. I quite hardly ever get my hands on it. This huge Birch stump had one large burl and many more compact ones on it. Instead of cutting them out and discarding the relaxation of the log, I desired to integrate them all in 1 object. The stump by itself has several interesting cavities and depressions in it, so I felt it would do the tree injustice if I only took the burls. The wooden has tons of beautiful features, like black lines from spalting, green and red spots from other fungi, brown streaks from pieces of cambium, leftover items of bark and the chaotic burl grain. When I utilized the 1st coat of oil, my jaw dropped to the floor, I never could have dreamed it would look this good (you can see that later on in the vid) This table was created in Hortus Haren, Netherlands.