Woodworking – Making a unique Stool out of Cherry

Another video of a project I’m working on in between chainsaw carvings. In this video: A stool out of a Cherry trunk with a ‘craft union’ in it. A craft union is a the part on a tree where two different types (and the required properties) of trees are combined. This resulted in a thick lower trunk with branches sticking out of it. I simply turned the sawed-off stump upside down and made a stool out of it. Since this is ment to be used indoors I had to spend a lot more time in sanding, 3 days total. This stool was made in Hortus Haren, Netherlands. Useful websites: www.saburr-tooth.com EU, UK, NL website for ordering Saburr-Tooth equipment: www.chainsawcarvingtools.eu Main dutch Chainsaw Carving forum: www.carvingtoolshop.eu
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