Woodworking Planer Jointer Knife Sharpening Jig

A DIY jointer/planer knife sharpening jig. Good jig for sharpening dull planer or jointer knives. In order to line up the brads the same distance from the front of the gauge use a marking gauge to scribe a line. Place the brads in the groove created by the marking gauge and hammer them in with a tack hammer.

Use the Right Plans to Organize Your Woodworking Here are 7 steps to make your woodworking easier and also save your time: 1. Get the assist from craft shop owners as well as knowledgeable woodworkers. 2. Take a look on woodworking ideas which are as easy as possible. 3. Test your innovative and improvisational expertise by selecting the most simple plan for a item. 4. Find woodworking plans on the internet. Get a assortment of woodworking sketches for each level of expertise. 5. Get in touch with the copyright owner of a woodworking plan just before using it for educative purpose. 6. Spend some of your time with measuring every single part of the project. 7. Create a system to store your own woodworking plans. This will help you to find them when needed.