Watch This Video before Building a Wood Fence

One particular of the largest issues with a wood fence are the wood posts that start to decay, or get hit by a big colony of termites. A single time I put a new fence post in, only to uncover out that my notion didn’t work. Really it was an idea that I study about in a single of my favored home building magazines. The magazine write-up suggested that you paint the bottom of your wood post with a roofing tar and then set up the wood post, to enjoying numerous years of a upkeep totally free fence. As an alternative of employing a roofing tar, I painted the bottom of the wood post fence with an elastomeric paint in the wood post rotted within 1 year and required to be replaced. I’ve tried placing gravel at the bottom of the fence posts, leaving the wood exposed at the bottom and really a couple of diverse items and I’m here to report that I have not came up with any enhancements or ideas that I could share with anybody that truly worked very good. Watch this video if you want to understand more about points I’ve carried out to wood posts that have not worked properly.

Wood Fencing | Ask the Builder

www.askthebuilder.com12/5/08 A wood fence can add a lot to the appearance of your home. Wood fencing can be built in a variety of styles. Try a convex curve between the wood fence posts.