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topguidesecrets.com — Woodworking for Home. How to Learn Woodworking Wood working is not only a hobby, it’s a great way to relax while building something beautiful. There are several different woodworking techniques that when combined give even the novice wood worker the confidence to take on complex projects. 1. Purchase books on woodworking to build your own home library. Gather as much information as you can before buying any tools. 2. Build your tool collection by starting with the basic tools of woodworking. Consider building your tool arsenal by the project you’re working on. Start with a simple kit and buy the tools you need for that particular project buying more as you go. 3. Practice on inexpensive pieces of wood and do plenty of practice templates before moving on to work on finished projects. This helps you get all your mistakes out of the way before working with expensive materials. 4. Look for wood working classes at your local community college. Anyone can take community college classes even if it’s just for personal enjoyment and enrichment. Many community colleges offer a variety of different levels of woodworking education. 5. Call your community and adult education department for a list of woodworking classes through the school system. Many adult and community education programs offer wood working classes for the beginner and advanced student. 6. Search online for woodworking groups in your area. Many woodworkers join clubs or organizations designed
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