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A Free 440 page resource book packed with tips, tricks and woodworking secrets.  

The  “Art of Woodworking” is a FREE jam-packed, no fluff guide to all things woodworking! You’ll get 440 full color pages of solid content that covers:

  • Workshop Essentials
  • Woodworking Tools & Skills
  • Measuring, Marking & Layout
  • Cutting & Drilling & Shaping
  • Wood Joinery & Clamping
  • Gluing & Fastening
  • Sanding & Finishing

Your Free copy of "The Art of Woodworking" includes these 40 woodworking plans!  

Every plan includes detailed instructions including material lists, cut sheets, required tools and estimated time for completion. 

Step By Step Photos Make Every Project Easy. 

Plans for this porch slider include 11 pages of instructions and over 20 photos and diagrams!   


Detailed schematics simplify every project and always include detailed cutting lists and dimensions!   


Front and back views identifying each part make things easy!   


It Gets Even Better!    


Comprehensive step-by-step instructions guide you through every aspect of the project, from start to finish, minimizing the chances of mistakes.

Visual aids, such as diagrams and illustrations, offer a visual understanding of complex steps, ensuring accurate execution.

A thorough list of required materials helps you gather everything you need before starting, preventing unnecessary interruptions.

Precise measurements and cutting diagrams assist in minimizing material wastage and maximizing efficiency.

A logical sequence of assembly steps ensures that you don't encounter issues when putting the project together.

Clearly defined skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) help you choose projects that match your abilities.

Your Free copy of 

"The Art of Woodworking" includes

40  high quality plans from Teds Woodworking the worlds largest database of high quality woodworking plans. 

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